Major Performances



  • TERNOCON 2020 , Cultural Center of the Philippines



  • Southeast Asian Games Opening Ceremony , Philippine Arena
  • Indayog ng Pilipinas : A Showcase of Philippine Folkloric Dances , Katara Village, Doha, Qatar
  • Sayaw Pilipino Handog sa Mundo : Most loved Philippine Folkdances and Songs in celebration of 10th Anniversary of the Philippine Consulate General in Chongqing , Guo Tai Theater at Jiefang Bei, and Chongqing University, China



  • 51st ASEAN Day , Cultural Center of the Philippines
  • Journeys on a Galleon , Cultural Center of the Philippines



  • ASEAN Opening Ceremony (Pre-Show) , Blue leaf Pasay City
  • ASEAN State Dinner , Taal Vista Hotel, Tagaytay
  • Gusi Peace Prize Awards , PICC Plenary Hall



  • AELM Spouses Tour, Intramuros
  • Welcome Dinner for the APEC Economic Leaders Meeting (AELM), at the Mall of Asia Complex
  • Welcome Dinner for the 2015 APEC CEO Summit, at the Ayala Stock Exchange
  • 2015 Philippine-Korean Exchange Festival, Manila
  • APEC Fuzed, Sofitel Philippine Plaza Hotel, Manila
  • Command Performance for the State Visit of the President of Indonesia at Malacañan Palace



  • China-ASEAN Exchange Activities – Charming ASEAN Cultural Tour Fangchenggang City Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, PRC
  • Command Performance for the State Dinner of the President of Indonesia, Malacañan Palace
  • Command Performance for the State Dinner of the Prime Minister of Singapore, Malacañan Palace
  • Command Performance for the State Dinner of the Prime Minister of Malaysia, Malacañan Palace



  • “Ang Bagong Harana,” Philippine Opera Company , Carlos P. Romulo Auditorium, RCBC Plaza, Makati Philippines
  • “Ugat, Ugnayan, Obusan” Production, Silliman University
  • APEC Business Association Council Event



  • Opening Ceremony of the 88th NCAA Anniversary , Smart Araneta Coliseum
  • Dinner Performance for the Foreign Minister of Myanmar , Malacañan Palace
  • ADB Opening Ceremony, Gala and Welcome Dinner



  • The International Ramayana Festival Celebration of H.M the King’s 7th Cycle Birthday Anniversary , The National Theater Bangkok


  • 10th Philippine Dance Gathering Workshop, San Diego, California
  • 35th Anniversary of Philippine-China Bilateral Agreement, Chongqing and Beijing, China



  • Queen Sirikit’s 75th birthday, since the celebration specified children-performers, the Batang ROFG aptly represented the Philippines. China
  • CCP’s 40th year Anniversary Celebration , Cultural Center of the Philippines
  • World Festival of National Theatres, National Theater of Korea , Seoul, Korea


  • National Tour under the Outreach program of the CCP
  • ASEAN Tourism Fair in Tokyo, Japan


  • ASEAN Summit Gala Performance , Cebu City
  • 10th Busan International Travel Fair, Korea
  • 10th World Chinese Entrepreneurs Convention in Tokyo and Osaka, Japan



  • Centennial Celebration of the First Filipino Migrants in Hawaii, under the auspices of East-West Center, Hawaii



  • Philippine Food Festival, Marco Polo Prince Hotel in Hong Kong, under the auspices of the Philippine Consulate.



  • Series of special performances and workshops in South Korea, London, USA, Baghdad and Iraq.
  • Awarded the “Sining ng Kalinangan” Award of the City of Manila, as Outstanding Folk-Dance Company



  • The company received the ASEAN Travel Association Award for Excellence in Tourism, as Best ASEAN Preservation Effort in the ASEAN Tourism Forum in Thailand, besting other contenders



  • Philippine Independence Day Celebration in Japan



  • Lisbon Exposition in Portugal and in Milan, Italy for the Philippine Consulate’s Independence Day Celebration



  • Series of performances in France, Turkey, Greece and Sweden, under the auspices of the Department of Tourism (DOT)



  • Fund-raising event sponsored by the Hong Kong Bayanihan Trust; ROFG helped raise HK 1.5M for Filipino overseas workers (OFW’s) in Hong Kong



  • American Tour in (16) states capped with a proclamation of February 8 as ROFG Day in Cleveland, Ohio.
  • ASEAN Village in Sentosa, Singapore



  • Performances under the auspices of Min-on, Japan



  • Joint ASEAN Performing Troupe, the ROFG as the official Philippine representative



  • World EXPO ‘86, Vancouver, Canada; 21 shows ended with 21 standing ovations



  • 8th Hong Kong Festival of Asian Arts


  • European Tours in 13 countries: Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, France, Luxembourg, the Czech Republic, Yugoslavia, Greece, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom and Austria in 1987, 1990, and in 1993.


-Pictorial with a B’laan lady for the book Sinaunang Habi (c) Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas Corporate Affairs Office

-Vamos a Belen ! Series (1998-2006) Philippine Pastores Tradition
-Noon Po sa Amin , Tableaux of Philippine History in Song, Drama and Dance
-Obra Maestra, a collection of Ramon Obusan’s dance masterpieces
-Unpublished Dances of the Philippines, Series I-IV
-Water, Fire and Life, Philippine Dances and Music-A Celebration of Life
-An Evening of Philippine Songs and Dances
-Saludo sa Sentenyal
-Glimpses of ASEAN, Dance and Music of the ASEAN Member Countries
-Pagtatagpo: Timog at Hilaga
Sigaw ni Inang Daigdig (Mga Anak ni Inang Daigdig)
-Camalaniugan: Isang Kasaysayan, History in Dance
-Sayaw Pilipino: Hinubog ng Kasaysayan
Looking Back at the Looking Hour-Glass, Philippines at the Turn-of –the-Century
-Sa Muling Pagbabalik, ROFG’s Homecoming Concert from Europe
-Saplot (Ramon Obusan Folkloric Group) Philippine Costumes in Dance
-Sayaw Pilipino, Handog sa Mundo Best –loved Philippine Folk Dances and Songs
-Under ASEAN Sky, Dances and Music of the ASEAN Countries
-Ritual Roots Philippine Dances in Ritual

-Pasasalamat , Tradisyon at Yaman ng Bayan, Philippine Traditions in Songs and Dances
-Himig at Tinig ng Katimugan, Sounds of the South
-Ritwal (Ramon Obusan Folkloric Group) Philippine Rituals, Rare and Exotic
-Kasaysayan ng Pilipinas
-Kasaysayan Ayon sa Sayaw
-Taguig: Munting Bayan sa Tabi ng Lawa , History of Taguig in Dance
-Salu-salo, Kasaysayn ng Pilipinas sa Sayaw, Awit at Musika
-Glimpses of Maranao Customs and Traditions
-Maynila, Isang Kasysayan
-Makati, Isang Kasaysayan (Ramon Obusan Folkloric Group)
-Ang Barong Pilipino, The Evolution of Filipino Dress
-Salo-salo, ROFG’s Homecoming Party from Europe
-Semana Santa
-Konsiyerto ng Kalayaan ng Kalookan
-Kaamulan, Gathering of the Tribes
-Kalakalan: The History of Trade and Commerce in the Philippines”
-Cuaresma, Lenten Rites and Rituals
Fin de Siecle, End of the Century
-An Evening of Philippine Songs and Dances
Kasaysayan ng Hukbong Sandatahan ng Pilipinas
-Peñafrancia Sagkud Pa Man, The Story of the Miraculous Virgin of Peñafrancia
-Christmas Around the World
-Nostalgia Filipina
-Philippine Tapestry
-Bagobo Gin-um Festival, Bagobo Ceremonial Rites of Passage
-Philippine Folk Dance Festival
-Namaka, The Birdman
-Kayaw, Kalinga Head-hunting and Other Rituals


-Durian, Isang Alamat Bagobo
-May Pasko Pa Rin sa Smokey Mountain
-Sounds of Tuntungan, Yakan Wedding Ritual
-Highland’s Wild Fury
-Sayaw-sayaw’, Philippine Festivals
-Budong, Kalinga Peace Pact
-Bulah-bulah/Silat, Tausug Martial and Shell Dance
-Tawgon-Hapnon, Talaandig Rituals in Dance
-Malakas at Maganda
-Boda de Oro, An All-Visayan Folk Dance Suite
-Intaneg, An Ifugao Wedding Ceremony
-Pandamgo (Matigsalug Community)
-Pamalugu (Bagobo Cleansing Ritual)
-Nagalas Chi Kalinga, Kalinga Songs and Dances
-Dallot, Ilocano Bride-Buying Ritual
Gala, Visayan Wedding Traditions
-Udol, Tagakaulo Death Ritual
-Inim, Tagbanua Drinking Ritual
-Barter of Panay
-Baluga, Dances of the Baluga of Pampanga
-Gabbok, Kalinga Birth Rites


-Dayaw: Philippine Cultural Communities Arts Festival
-Asian Games Opening
-Pahiyas Philippine Folk Festival’
-Dinagyang Festival’95
-32nd Annual Smithsonian Folk Festival
-Grand Santacruzan
-1998 Grand Kalayaan Centennial Parade
Pineapple Festival
-1998 World Folklore Festival Opening Parade
-Lanzones Festival
-100th Year Celebration of Allimudin’s Conversion
-1981 Papal Visit
-1994 Miss Universe Opening Number
-Kasaysayan ng Lahi
-Lantern Parade Seville Exposition
-Philippine Independence Day Parade
-Baliwag Quadricentennial Celebration Parade


-Noon Po sa Amin Philippine History in dance, Music, Mime and Drama
-ASEAN Instructional video on the Study of Traditional Dance (Philippine Edition)
-CCP Tuklas Sining Video Series
-Sayaw, An Overview of Philippine Dance
-Sayaw, Ethnic Dances of the Philippines
-Sayaw, Spanish Influenced Dances
-Oasioas, Philippine Dance
-Festivals of Asia and the Pacific
-Saplot Documentary on Philippine Costumes
-Kasal Documentary on Unique Philippine Wedding Practices