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Bik-Bik Sag-sag

DanceBik-Bik Sag-sag
MeaningTo say goodbye to the dead
Dance Culture 
Place of OriginCentral Kalinga
Ethnolinguistic GroupKalinga
Background / Content

Dead man is sat on a sayachi death chair as women who are covered in wide red blanket urge the man to avenge while holding burning twigs to drive him to his new world. The air is filled with chants of revenge. Oy natoy, “A dead is among us!,” is announced to neighboring mountains and villages. The wife cuts a long red cloth that she metaphorically attaches to the dead. A blue and white celadon bowl is struck incessantly by the mandadawak shaman alluding that the spirit has flown out from the dead through hair strands that float in the air and that she must retrieve each strand.

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