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MeaningBamboo Clappers or Castanets
Dance CultureCoastal Community
Place of OriginTausug
Ethnolinguistic GroupSulu
ClassificationExhibition / Spectator Dance
Background / Content

Tausug dances reveal the human compulsion to meet adaptive needs and give meaning to human tendencies for aesthetic creations. These tendencies are seen in the highly stylized execution, lines, and curves.
It is in the dance that theTausug like all Filipinos can manifest the abstract ideas of what is utilitarian and beautiful. There are remarkable differences in executions and interpretations, but each dance retain certain similarities with just slight variations.

Bulah-Bulah, taught by Ligaya Amilbangsa, refers to the cowry shells used as castanets in this dance where the gentle sway of body and arms is nothing less than hypnotic and trance-like which is characteristic of Pangalay’s broken arm movements found in almost all of Tausug dances.

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