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MeaningMy love, my love
Dance CultureCoastal Community
Place of OriginJolo , Sulu
Ethnolinguistic GroupTausug
ClassificationGame-song Dance
Background / Content

This is a truly jovial dance. The name could have very well been derived from the English word “darling”. Daling-daling is said to have been created by male transvestites within the Suluk community in the Southern Philippines.

In Sabah, Malaysia however, it is often performed by pairs of men and women at weddings and social gatherings in the East Coast districts. Their elaborate costumes consist of baggy trousers (kantiu), a headpiece (malkota) and curved finger caps (janggai).

Accompanying the dance is a cheerful poem recited in rapid singsong which deals with life, love, and happiness. The lyrics are sometime spontaneous and include a liberal dose of jokes and anecdotes. Accompanying music comes from a bamboo xylophone (gabbang) and a three-stringed violin (biola).

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