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Heritage House Tour and Lecture Demonstration

The Ramon Obusan Folkloric Foundation, Inc. recognizes the importance of supporting communities and organizations. The ROFF, Inc. believes that in order for people to possess the attributes of being morally and intellectually responsive and cognizant of socio-cultural issues, awareness and a caring attitude for our heritage is the key. The company is proud to contribute in this endeavor and help many academic institutions and organizations by holding its signature lecture-demonstrations, turning the ROFG Center into a living museum showcasing the vast collection of costumes, artifacts, textiles, weaponry, musical instruments and other cultural treasures compiled by Ramon A. Obusan in his lifetime. To borrow a quote from one educational institution we had the privilege to perform for: “Research shows that students acquire significantly greater understanding of course material when traditional lectures are combined with interactive lecture-demonstrations. Lecture- demonstrations will also engage the students in activities that confront their prior understanding of core or general concepts.”

This being said, the lecture-demonstration or edutainment remains one of the ROFG’s more effective, impactful, results-oriented and strongest suites.

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