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La Jota Cagayana

DanceLa Jota Cagayan
MeaningA Jota From Cagayan Valley
Dance CultureLowland Christian 
Place of OriginEnrile , Cagayan Valley
Ethnolinguistic GroupIbanag
ClassificationSocial / Courtship Dance
Background / Content

La Jota Cagayana, a flamenco inspired dance, was first introduced by the Spaniards to the people of Cagayan in the 1700’s. Today, there are many versions one of which is found in the small rustic town of Enrile. A couple performs a symbolic dance of courtship which is highly influenced by the European dance steps such as the mazurka, polka and the waltz. The tempo is fast so the pair moves around almost in a gallop. Costumes are inspired by the 18th century painter Damian Domingo with women dressed in leg-of-mutton sleeved blouses and skirts that are worn untucked. The men in turn are decked out in dress tails and a matching top hat.

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