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Niños Inocentes

DanceNiños Inocentes
MeaningInnocent Child
Dance CultureLowland Christian
Place of OriginMaluco , Ibajay , Aklan
Ethnolinguistic GroupAklanon
Background / ContentInspired by the biblical story of the wicked King Herod who orders the slaughter of newborn male babies to include Baby Jesus, the villagers of Maluco, Ibajay, Aklan perform the Niños Inocentes ritual. The image of a sleeping child is fiercely protected by church women (Manang) from the malicious and boisterous Yawa (devil). Young men dressed in outlandish costumes and frightful masks of coconut leaf sheath are the yawas who kidnap Baby Jesus from the old ladies and have Him ransomed for money, rice, corn or any produce.

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