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Pastores Talisay

DancePastores Talisay
MeaningPastores from town of Talisay
Dance CultureLowland Christian
Place of OriginCamarines Norte
Ethnolinguistic GroupBicolano
ClassificationEntertainment , Religious
Background / Content

History, community, religion and personalities have contributed immensely to the enhancement and improvement of Philippine folkways and dances. The arrival of Spain, Mexico, Germany, France, the USA and several Asian neighbors scattered throughout the ages contributed to changing the culture of the Filipinos. Obviously, Mexico is the one country that lent color to Philippines’ Christmas. It generously shared its sapatiados, vueltas, harabe and cambios to the Philippine dance tradition. Many of these steps found their way into many pastores versions found especially in the Bicol region.

A visit to a church-turned museum by Ramon Obusan in the 80’s in Teposoplan, Mexico gave proof that the pastores has always been an early Mexican export, preserved in some towns of the Philippines. Pastores Talisay from Talisay Camarines Norte is a vibrant rendition of these many Mexican influences replete with china pobladas, star-lanterns, papier mache horses and colorful buntings.


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