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Pulosang Floridablanca

Dance Pulosang Floridablanca
Meaning Song-dance of Florida Blanca
Dance Culture Lowland Christian
Place of Origin Florida Blanca, Pampanga
Ethnolinguistic Group Kapampangan
Classification Entertainment
Background / Content Within the personalized world of the Pampango, old and new traditions blend, the indigenous with the introduced and the traditional with the contemporary Pulosa is a Pampango label to a kind of a song-dance peculiar only to this Central Luzon province. For a long time it remained a plain folksy tune, until many years later pulosa reappeared
into a new song-dance sequence. Its popularity did not remain as simple songs sang to comply to a request or to rock a baby to sleep – instead it became a vocal accompaniment for impromptu dances.

In no time pulosa found its way into a dance performed by bands of young people moving from house to house during flestas and Christmases. Bamboo castanets not strung together, played similar to the traditional Spanish castanets, came as additional.

The 1900’s brought the accordion and the harmonica to Pampanga and straight into the pulosang groups. With the rondalla, the dances became even more popular in Florida Blanca and nearby towns In many respect, Pulosang resembles the Pastores (Christmas shepherds) dances of the Bicol region

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