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The Shield

The shield was lifted from a tie-dyed ikat design on an old piece of tinalak from the T’boli, in the middle of the shield are the initials of Ramon Obusan. The shield symbolizes ROFG’s attempts at protecting Philippine traditions from the onslaught of technology and modernization and the shift of values that constantly attack its very existence. This is made evident by the group’s continuing pursuit for the preservation, propagation and presentation of Philippine traditions that are closest to the original, particularly in the fields of song and dance.

Leaning on the vast amount of data and artifacts he has accumulated while doing researches, Ramon Arevalo Obusan thought of starting a dance company that will mirror the traditional culture of the Filipinos through dance and music. Thus, the Ramon Obusan Folkloric Group was conceived in September of 1972. Considered the gold standard in the performance of traditional folk dance and music, the group has created a niche in the world of dance as a forerunner of Philippine folk dances performed closest to the original. Boasting of over a thousand performances in the Philippines and abroad, the ROFG has been one of the resident dance companies of the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) since 1986.


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