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T. Sosrowardogo
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Natalia Cherkasova
Alexander Kantesedikas
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W. Forman
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Will Sauer
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M. Hadzidakis
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K025Krsna-The Supreme Personality of God Head Part IISrimar Bhagavatam___
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R007Rendezvous with Nature-Special Collection (RO Room)Daisaku Ikeda___Japan
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S015Seoul, Korea___1990
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S034Srimad Bhagavatan-Liberation-Part I-Hids Divine Grace___
S035Srimad Bhagavatan-Liberation-Part IIHids Divine Grace___
S036Srimad Bhagavatan-Liberation-Part IIIHids Divine Grace___
S037Srimad Bhagavatan-Prescribed Duties for Mankind-Part I-Hids Divine Grace___
S038Srimad Bhagavatan-Prescribed Duties for Mankind-Part IIHids Divine Grace___
S039Srimad Bhagavatan-Prescribed Duties for Mankind-Part IIIHids Divine Grace___
S040Srimad Bhagavatan-The Cosmic Manifistation-Part IHids Divine Grace___
S041Srimad Bhagavatan-The Creation of the Fourth Order-Part IHids Divine Grace___
S042Srimad Bhagavatan-The Creation of the Fourth Order-Part IIHids Divine Grace___
S043Srimad Bhagavatan-The Creation of the Fourth Order-Part IIIHids Divine Grace___
S044Srimad Bhagavatan-The Creation of the Fourth Order-Part IVHids Divine Grace___
S045Srimad Bhagavatan-The Creative Impetus-Part IHids Divine Grace___
S046Srimad Bhagavatan-The Creative Impetus-Part IIHids Divine Grace___
S047Srimad Bhagavatan-The Science of God-Part IHids Divine Grace___
S048Srimad Bhagavatan-The Science of God-Part IIIHids Divine Grace___
S049Srimad Bhagavatan-Wthdrawal of the Cosmic Creation-Part IHids Divine Grace___
S050Srimad Bhagavatan-Wthdrawal of the Cosmic Creation-Part IIHids Divine Grace___
S051Srimad Bhagavatan-Wthdrawal of the Cosmic Creation-Part IIIHids Divine Grace___
S052Srimad-Bhagavatam-Creation Part IHids Divine Grace___
S053Srimad-Bhagavatam-Creation Part IIHids Divine Grace___
S054Srimad-Bhagavatam-Creation Part IIIHids Divine Grace___
S055Sriman Bhagavatan-The Cosmic Manifistation Part IIHids Divine Grace___
S056Sriman Bhagavatan-The Science of God-Part IIHids Divine Grace___
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T007Tales from our Malay PastMela Ma. Roque1979ManilaRegal Printing Company
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T027Thai MusicP.C Duriyanga1991BangkokFine Arts Dept.
T028Thai MusicP.C Duriyanga1991BangkokFine Arts Dept.
T029Thai Musical InstrumentsDhanit Yupho1991ThailandGeneral of Fine Arts Department
T030Thai Wood Cervings (RO Room )P.S Bhirasri1991Bankok Thailand
T031Thai. Lacquer Works ( RO Room )P.S Bhirasri1991Bankok Thailand
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T102The Toyota Foundation: 30 Years of History-CD ROM-1974-2004-Toyota Foundation______
T103The Toyota Foundation: 30 Years of History-History-1974-2004-Toyota Foundation______
T104The Toyota Foundation: 30 Years of History-Record of Grants-1974-2004-Toyota Foundation______
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T117Theater Poc-Jan H. scha______
T118They Preach Freedom & humanity-Verlag Zeil-1971-Berlin______
T119Things Hawaiian - A Pocket Guide and the Hawaiian Language- A.d Schietz-1997-Island Heritage______
T120This is America-United States Information Service______
T121Tokyo-Hotel New Otani______
T122Tracing-Reynaldo T. Jamoralin-1994-Sorsogon/Good New P. Press______
T123Traditional Arts & Crafts in Yoguslavia- N. Pantelic & M. Diordievic - 1990- Revia-- RO Room______
T124Traditional Costumes of Sabah-R. Lasimbang-1997-National History Pub.-Malaysia______
T125Traditions Revitalized-Delia Bacelona-1991-Asean Culture and Information______
T126Tradtajska Narodnal/Glazbala Jugoslavije-1973-Zagreb______
T127Treasure of the Concepcion-William M. Mathers/Namcy shaw-1994-Asia-APA Publication______
T128Treasured Moments(Daisaku Ikeda Toward Peace and Harmony)-1998______
T129Treasured Moments-Daisaku Ikeda-1994______
T130Treasures of the Phil.Museum-M.E Paterno-1995-Book Mark Inc.______
T131Tuklas Sining (2 Coppies) - Essays of the Philippine Arts - N.G. Tiongson- 1991- Cultural Center of the Philippines______
T132Tula-Official Guide______MexicoInstitute National de Antropologia e Historia
T133Turkey-Travel Guide-Turkish Ministry______
T134Turn of the CenturyGilda Cordero1978PCPM/PAPI
U001Ullalim II ( The Kalinga )Billiet/Lambrecht1974Baguio CityR.P Garcia Pub.Co.
U002Un Daunted Courage (RO's Room)S.E Ambrose1996-2003Simo Schuster
U003Unban Council-Annual Report___1983Hongkong
U005Uniformer Eunpaischer Armeen-Gondrom___1987German Democratic Republic
V001Valladolid Spain-Travel Guide______
V002Venerated Virgins of IntramurosCarlos G. Manabat___PhilippinesMuinistry of Human S.
V003Vergesscene KulturenProfessor Heinrich Harrer1984Berlin GermanyS.V International
V004VersaillesG. Van der Kemp.1970Editions D'Art Lys
V005Vignettes of the Philippine Marianas Colonial HistoryDr. Abella1964ZAHA
V006Vincent Van GoghMeyer Schapiro1975FranceISBN Germany
V007Vinzons(Quadricentenial Aniversary )-Golden Book___1981Camarines NorteVinzon
V008Vire Royal Period-National Museumj.G Lacroix1967Tepotzotlan
V009Visayan Folkdance Vol.2L.Fajardo1993PWUNational Bookstore
V010ViversHelio Lesuyer1987Christian Charry
V011VojvodinaJarmila Struhar1985Provincial Committee of Information
V012VouvantL'eglise de Vouvant1987Spain
V013Voyages de La MortElaine Georges___Canaval De Trinidad
V014Voyages in Southeast Asia___1750-1930Yu Chee Chong Fine Art
W001Wel Galeon de Acapulco-Con Asia___1976Museo Nacional Del Virreinato
W002Welcome to Jeju___2005Koreajeju Special
W003Wiirzburg-A Living CityW. Sauer, U. Strauch1992Federal Republic of Germany
W004Winds-Jal Magazine2002Japan Airlines
W005Wisdom from a Rainforest (RO's Room)S.A Schelegel1998Ateneo De Manila Univ. Press
W006World's Strangest "True Ghost Stories"John Macklin1990SingaporeKim Hup Lee Printing Co.
Y001Yakan English Dictionary-Andrew D. Sherfan-1973-Yakan-J.P Printing PressAndrew D. Sherfan1973J.P Printing Press
Y002Yakan-Mashur Bin Ghalib Jundam-1983-Basilan-University of the Philippine PressMashur Bin Ghalib Jundam1983BasilanUniversity of the Philippines Press
Y003Yaman ng Mangyan-L.In.Ay Sayao-1966-MangyanL. In. Ay Sayao1966
Y004Yogyakarta-Jeremy Allan-1989-Times EditionJeremy Allan1989Times Edition
Z001Zing Met Ons-Verzameling Liedjes-1989-Brussel-Zesde VilgaveVerzameling Liedjes1989BrusselZesde Vilga
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