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• The ROFG presents standard or selected thematic programs depending on the occasion, venue, composition and audience number (ex. Filipino, ASEAN, Japanese, mixed Asian, European, International, Asia Pacific, etc.). For a standard Filipino performance the repertoire will consist of dances from the following suites: Northern Cordillera, Western influenced, Muslim South, Fiesta Filipina, and encore songs. A program can be provided upon request.

• Packaged performances of the ROFG consists of at least 25 dancers, singers, musicians and one or two staff members, stunning costumes that are originals and or close-to-the-original, and live music played by a rondalla or a tribal musical ensemble. When requested, the group ends the program with a learn-to-dance session or sing songs from the guests’ country of origin.

• Musicians (rondalla) and a tribal musical ensemble can be commissioned by the hour.

• The ROFG Center is open for summer workshops on dance, musical and tribal instruments training, and a rather “free form” approach to learning about the various facets of Filipino culture and traditions. The best thing about this service is that it is at no cost to the participant.

• Should the need for individualized, group/corporate training on dance be needed, the ROFG can be contracted to assist as instructors and over-all supervisors for events.

• We also offer costumes, accessories, instruments, and props rental.


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