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Sugod Uno

DanceSugod Uno
Dance Culture 
Place of Origin Sirib Kalinan, Davao City
Ethnolinguistic GroupBagobo
Background / Content

It starts with a Pamalugu, a ceremonial washing in the river, is one of the rituals in the 4 day celebration of Bagobo’s Gin-um.

A ceremonial dance performed by Bagobo baganis or warriors who take part in an annual cleansing ceremony called Gin-um. While bathing in a secluded streams in a forest. The baganis shed off old jackets and pants which they believe have absorbed misfortunes, bad lucks, diseases and failures. After the cleansing rites assisted by a shaman, the baganis arte helped into heavily jackets by womenfolk. Music is played in a “tangungo” (brass gongs) and kutyapi lute. Sugod uno is danced by the feast makers.


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