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Meaning“Aba” Tagalog word for surprise and Aurora , a name of a popular town lass
Dance CultureLowland Christian (town).
Place of OriginCatanauan, Quezon
Ethnolinguistic GroupTagalog
Background / ContentIt was with ease that merchants from Marinduque and other shores have crossed to Catanauan, Quezon for many untold years bringing goods, ideas, and people so that change was inevitable to its culture and traditions. The marketplace was not the final stop for things new. For even as the men of Marinduque interacted with the locals and making known their intentions to partake of their folkways, others went abroad to sample the dance Abaruray, which literally means Aba! (an expression) and Ruray (a nickname for Aurora). She must have been popular if not beautiful to have this dance named in her honor.

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