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The Ramon Obusan Folkloric Foundation, Inc. ensures that the “Bahay ni Kuya” serves as a resource center for Philippine folk arts, traditions and performances, spearheaded by the Ramon Obusan Folkloric Group (ROFG) and the Batang ROFG. Using its repository of cultural heritage, the “Bahay ni Kuya,” through education and performances aims to preserve and perpetuate our fast fading folk traditions.


The Ramon A. Obusan Folkloric Foundation (ROFF), Inc. as the home (tahanan) of Philippine Folk Heritage. The physical attributes of the “tahanan” houses the family (pamilya), which nurtures and perpetuates the value system, the human resource (tao), and the cultural resource (yaman).


The Ramon A. Obusan Folkloric Foundation, Inc. was established on September 23, 1992 primarily to commit itself to the purpose or purposes for which the association was incorporated. The top two reasons on the articles of incorporation state that it is:

1. To provide for the education of promising, but underprivileged members of the community particularly the youth through free dance and music workshops and training so that they may have better chances of advancement for themselves, and for their communities in the field of traditional arts and culture.

2. To insure the survival of the traditions and folkways of the Filipinos and its indigenous communities through research, recording and performances of the same.

These guidelines have been the engine that has fueled the Foundation to re-invent itself from being a performance driven entity to that of a research based, education geared platform. Working closely and guided by the Cultural Center of the Philippines’ Arts Education Department, the ROFF, Inc. has been actively involved in the AED’s programs since 2013.



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