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Batang ROFG

Batang ROFG

The year was 2002 and realizing the need to expand his performing group to include children, Ramon Arevalo Obusan gathered a handful of youngsters to become part of what is now known as the Batang ROFG (Batang Ramon Obusan).

These children have evolved from the raw boundless energy of young bodies trapped in the small confined spaces of their homes (most come from the local community around the ROFG Center, close to the airport) to that of multifaceted performers able to switch from dancers to musicians and vice-versa. 

The dexterity to which they are able to apply these learned processes have raised them above par. Guided by the fundamental principle of the family as the basic social structure it was easier for the children to be goaded by their “siblings,” fellow members, to utilize the existing foundation of learning to its utmost. As a result, these kids have successfully channeled their energies towards a more productive and meaningful existence.


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