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Dance Bendian
Meaning To celebrate a Headhunt , Harvest , well-being , victory
Dance Culture Highland Cordillera
Place of Origin Benguet
Ethnolinguistic Group Benguet (Ibaloy , Kankanay)
Classification Festival
Background / Content

The “”Bendian/””Bendayan”” festival celebrated by the Benguet, Ibaloy and Kankanay is always big and extraordinary, participated in by the community. To celebrate the bendian are many reasons,amongst which are: to heal a prolonged illness, relleve natural calamities such as famine and drought; and to celebrate a bountiful harvest.

The biggest of bendian is to celebrate a victory in war. The arrival of successful head takers called ululls met with great festivities by the entire village.

In the northern barrios of Kabayan, Kabagan, Curosan, Pacsa, Datub and in southem Benguet, there is a bendian performed to ensure for a plentiful harvest. An enemy head must be offered in the ngayo ritual where the bendian dance is performed as a must.

The present version of the bendlan dance, though short and simple, is part of a bigger and complex ritual dance. The once festive occasion has been separated into smaller parts, each independent of another

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