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Heritage Collection

The altruism of Ramon A. Obusan, researcher, anthropologist, documentarian, choreographer, and artistic director amongst other things is made evident in an interview conducted on July 4, 1999 where he clearly encapsulates the massive role he plays in the preservation and propagation of Filipino folk heritage.

He states: “I’m not selfish… Gusto ko lahat ng researches ko kuhanin ninyo. Gawan ninyo ng paraan na magamit ninyo. Huwag ‘yung bakit kukuha ako ng research tapos itatago ko sa shelf. That cannot be! Nakikita kong responsibilidad ko ‘yun eh. My responsibility to the world and to the Philippines particularly is those that you are not able to get out of the backwoods, I have to bring to you. But please don’t try to use artistic license as an excuse.”

Consisting of various items accumulated throughout his lifetime such as audio-video research recordings, museum pieces, one-of-a-kind treasures varying in degrees of material worth and collectability, artifacts, textiles, costumes, instruments and many more are housed at the ROFG Center. Currently, conservation, inventory, cataloguing and accessioning of these materials are ongoing.

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