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Dance CultureHighland Indigenous Community
Place of OriginPenarubia , Abra
Ethnolinguistic GroupItneg
Background / Content

The Philippines has a few matrilineal societies, the Itnegs of Abra Province among them. Women in this group enjoy equal if not more rights than their menfolk, but when household and field chores are in question, the woman have it coming.

After the rice grains are planted or the last grain harvested they say thanks to the field Gods, they call it a day and go into a festive spree there is excessive eating, drinking, dancing, singing and laughing coupled with the preparation of food and more food. They fattened pig butchered, a newly harvested rice boiled, the fermented wine brought out, the ganza and drums sounded, the Itneg are ready for a great show. Dances in their festive finest come out their seclution and jump into the village square to delight the onlookers with their kind of entertainment. Dance after dance are performed, the music enticing whosoever would like to come forward and show his wares.

Of the dances performed, the IDUDO (literally means Lullaby) is one of Itneg’s best. Best probably because it mirrors the change in social roles played by the heads of the families in the village, the work laden mother clears the firlds, pounds and clean the grains while father rocks the baby to sleep with an Idudu, enjoying his favorite smoke with other fathers who to have babies in their arms. This blissful situation is shared by more fathers in other cordillera villages , making it a unique phenomenon in those highland paradise.

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