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MeaningTo drink
Dance CultureCostal / River dwellers
Place of OriginPalawan
Ethnolinguistic GroupTagbanua
Background / Content

Inim is a ritual that is also known by its other name Diwata from the Tagbanua of Central Palawan. It features an elderly female babaylan assisted by lesser baylanes as they perform several trance dances. While in that state, on her head she balances various props such as a porcelain bowl with a lit candle, a small sword, and or a plate and a glass as she sways to the rhythm of two brass gongs. While doing so, she flutters bundles of dried Buri leaves (Ugsang) that she holds on each hand. These dances vary from gentle to violent depending upon the spirit that overcomes her. The reason for the dance is to be possesed by the mighty Magindusa, God of all Gods whose spirit slides down to earth from a mythical boat symbolically passing between two bamboo poles lit with candles. The conclusion of the ritual is the drinking of the ceremonial wine (Tabad) which symbolizes the acceptance of the offering.

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