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Lanceros de Tayabas

DanceLanceros de Tayabas
MeaningDance Honoring the Town of Tayabas
Dance CultureLowland Christians
Place of OriginTayabas Quezon
Ethnolinguistic GroupTagalog
ClassificationSocial Dance
Background / ContentKnown as a divertissement for the comedia stage play during the Spanish times, the Lanceros de Tayabas of Quezon was a dance interpretation of the Lancers and chivalrous knights of King Arthur. It is usually performed in great ballrooms and during the course of the dance, noble gentlemen meet graceful ladies and cross lines, as if done by the knights of old times.

This is an excerpt taken from a Moro-Moro dance sequence performed in the play by Christian characters in the town of Tayabas, Aurora Province. It is a ballroom dance which was more than likely brought into the country indirectly by the French. Interaction between the western countries of France and Spain may have carried the Lanceros into the latter’s repertoire of dances and subsequently to the Philippines by way of Spain’s conquest. This theory is supported by the fact that the dance was lifted from the Komedya, a Spanish influenced dance drama that was introduced to Filipinos.

Lanceros’ etymology is the French word “lanciers”, which aptly describes the movement of dancers piercing through their lines.

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