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MeaningPolka dedicated to Biana
Dance CultureLowland Christians
Place of OriginZamboanguita, Negros Oriental
Ethnolinguistic GroupVisaya
Background / Content

Biana is the known fat lady of Zamboangita to whom a dance was dedicated. She may be overweight but her dance does not in any way reflect heaviness or big steps. Though not many have met Biana herself her polka has been taught far and wide.

According to Mr. Elli, our resource person, it was Biana’s friendliness that made people love her,
even being the toast to many dance parties.

Polka Biana may be one of the few Philippine polkas that is not so “”pure”” considering that it
uses 2 time signatures for polkas and waltzes.

Mr. Elli explains further that the dance must have been made in consideration of Biana’s size
and stamina. Since she could not polka all the way she had to slow down into waltzes before she
goes polkaing again.

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