Amba (Ambahan)NegritoBataan , ZambalesHealing RitualMale VillagersA Ring of men circle sick villagemates, shouting, sometimes running sometimes walking while treatening malevolent spirits to leave the sick
Anito BaylanMandayaDavao del NorteHealing RitualFemale BaylanFemale shaman works into trance, dance around sick while chanting, shaking miniature shield and club
Anito BaylanMansaka___Healing Ritual___Presided by a male healer, sacrificing chicken and using a human skull. Later , girls from the audience stand and dance
AnituanNegritoPampangaHealing RitualMale ManganitoSeveral "medicine men" encourage or threaten spirits to leave body of sick. A red cloth covering the sick represents ailment
BaboyMansakaTalaingod Healing RitualMale BaylanA village "doctor" using a sacrificial pig (thus the title baboy) , go thru the ritual acting and dancing
DaengItnegAbraHealing RitualPeople and MediumShaman invokes spirits while chanting, she moves around sick person-head axe in hand and water from coconut shell is sprinkled over the sick
DawakItneg , Kalinga___Healing RitualFemale MandadawakHealing and all purpose ritual performed by top rated medium
Padiwata , DiwataTagbanuaPalawanHealing RitualFemale BabaylanBiggest ritual involving priestess dances, chants music and healing sequences. Performed to aliviate sickness, well being of the village and for thanks giving. The great spirit, Magindusa is called to help.
InimTagbanuaPalawanHealing RitualFemale BabaylanA Sequence of the diwata where the priestess drinks tabad wine , after the spirits have drunk. Public dancing follows
SinuyadManubo___Healing Ritual___Diwata heals a sick through a shaman who performs while dancing
Sinundo / SinanggaManubo___Healing Ritual___Ritual dance to exorcise evil spirit believed to be bearers of disease
DiwataDibabawon___Healing RitualMale BaylanYoung girls ward off spirits by fire and cure sick
Pagjin (Pagjin)Tausug___Healing RitualVillagersRitual dance used for contacting the spirits (Apo-jin) for appeasement, ask for a good catch , healing, easy child birth, prolong life, a peaceful death and a happy trip to heaven. Held 3 times a year during full moon.
TarokBatak___Healing Ritual___Baylan dances - songs are sound to call diwata who are referred to as nature spirits to cure sick
Leyen-leyenBatak___Healing Ritual___Baylan dances - songs are sound to call diwata who are referred to as nature spirits to cure sick
SadonkayaBatak___Healing Ritual___Baylan dances - songs are sound to call diwata who are referred to as nature spirits to cure sick
KendarBatak___Healing Ritual___Baylan dances - songs are sound to call diwata who are referred to as nature spirits to cure sick
MinanguyananManubo___Healing Ritual______
SarungkayBatak , Tagbanua___Healing RitualMale assistant babaylanDance performed by the healer during the healing ritual
SegumbaylanBatak , Tagbanua___Healing RitualHealing ritual where shaman sings and dance.
SinalingsingManubo___Healing RitualRitual where a baylan request that the spirit transfer to the sacrificial chicken and egg the pain or disease of the sick person
Say-am______Healing Ritual___A Major feast cpmmunicating with spirits performed by priestess. The Manganito is a ceremonial element of Say-am
TamongBenguet___Healing Ritual___Ritual dance to heal sick
AlisigKalinga___Healing Ritual___Ritual for healing , officiated by a manalisig
SangyangCavitenoCaviteHealing RitualMale and female walkersMediums walk over live coals after a series of prayers asking that a sick may recover
BabaylanMansaka___Healing RitualMale Babaylan___
Dugso / HinaklaranTalaandig___Healing RitualAll female___
RunsayTagbaua___Healing RitualPeople___
BagungonItnegDeath Ritual4 People4 in conference
Belay ni wadaganKalingaDeath Ritual4 People4 in conference
DawakKalinga___Death Ritual___Most important religious ritual
Sis-siwaKalingaDeath Ritual___Most important religious ritual
SapoyKalingaDeath Ritual___Most important religious ritual
PalinawaKalingaDeath Ritual___Dance of the mandadawak using a china bowl to catch hair in the air and plant on heads of bereaved family members
BikbikKalingaDeath RitualVillagersTo say goodbye to dead , Ritual to drive spirit of dead realative to the worls beyond by burning branches.only women and mandadawak (Shaman) take part )
LidongAbyanCamarines NorteDeath RitualVillagersRing dance of dead , Villagemates dance in a ring around relatives of newly buried dead
DalidongKalingaDeath RitualVillagersGoodbye rite to dead
SagsagKalingaDeath RitualVillagersRite with fire over fallen warrior / Ritual to drive spirit of dead realative to the worls beyond by burning branches.only women and mandadawak (Shaman) take part )
Udol / EdelTagakaolo , BlaanSouthern DavaoDeath RitualFemale VillagersDeath rite , mourning / Ceremonial playing of the udol to call back lost menfolks.
SayangNegritoCamarines NorteDeath Ritual___40th day dance to remember the dead
Binua-buaSubanon___Fertility Ritual___Rite and Dance , Shaman dances and performs rites over barren women asking for children.
GabbokKalinga , Itneg , BagoFertility Ritual___New-born rite , Ritual with several steps and dancing to welcome a new-born baby particularly a boy
Ilum / MangilumKalingaKalingaFertility Ritual___Performed to safeguard health of a pregnant
Sayaw sa ObandoBulakenyoBulacanFertility Ritual___Fertility , Barren women ask for children, christian women for husbands and men for wives from 3 Christian saints by dancing the streets of Obando during the feast day of these saints.
___Kalinga___Fertility Ritual___Rite over pregnant woman
Bohan Kinawin___Talaingod Wedding, Marriage and Dance______
Todik (Takik)Apayao___Wedding, Marriage and Dance___Wedding dance
Disposorsio___BulacanWedding, Marriage and Dance___Wedding parade in dance
Galahan___LagunaWedding, Marriage and Dance___Wedding dance
Investida___Nueva ViscayaWedding, Marriage and Dance___Wedding and dance
Mascota___CagayanWedding, Marriage and Dance___Wedding dance
PagkawinMaranao , Yakan, Tausog, Samal , Manubo, Badjao___Wedding, Marriage and Dance___Wedding ritual and dance
Kasal sa banigBagobo___Wedding, Marriage and Dance___Wedding
Pagasawa uyMatigsalug___Wedding, Marriage and Dance___Wedding
SamsongBlaan___Wedding, Marriage and Dance___Wedding and dance
BugayonIlongot___War, Combat, Battle and Victory___Post headhunting
Chas-seKalinga___War, Combat, Battle and Victory___Revenge Rite
Mangayaw / KayawKalinga , Bontoc___War, Combat, Battle and Victory___Headhunt
SagangKalinga___War, Combat, Battle and Victory___Rite over head-trophy
TagemIlongot___War, Combat, Battle and Victory___Victory dance after headhunt
Tomo LawyowKalinga___War, Combat, Battle and Victory___Victory dance after headhunt
UgaodKalinga___War, Combat, Battle and Victory___Victory meal , Feet washing of warriors
Ayu-ayuNegrito___War, Combat, Battle and Victory___Torture rite
KalasagBukidnon , Talaandig___War, Combat, Battle and Victory___Duel by 2 men
KalasagMatigsalug___War, Combat, Battle and Victory___Duel by 2 men
KayawManubo___War, Combat, Battle and Victory___Duel by 2 men
Al-lalatBugkalot___War, Combat, Battle and Victory___Duel by 2 men
BinabayaniBaluga___War, Combat, Battle and Victory___War Dance
Dangale ItnegAbraWork-a day / Feast___Pounding rice rite
Hermana Mayor___Nueva EcijaWork-a day / Feast___Fiesta Sponsor
Caracol___CaviteWork-a day / Feast___Procession and moro-moro
Padafung (Lana T)___CagayanWork-a day / Feast___Easter Sunday Rite
Putungan___MarinduqueWork-a day / Feast___To welcome guests
TadagBukidnon___Work-a day / Feast___A request from the nature spirits for permission to clear woodlands, presided by babaylan
DaingItneg___Suplication , Prayer , Thanksgiving___Asking for rain / Favors
Dalayog?Manubo___Suplication , Prayer , Thanksgiving___Blood offering to spirit
DinuyaIfugao___Suplication , Prayer , Thanksgiving___Good Harvest / Well Being
UyaoyIfugao___Suplication , Prayer , Thanksgiving___Good Harvest / Well Being
BumajahIfugao___Suplication , Prayer , Thanksgiving___Good Harvest / Well Being
Dugso , Lagudas (Laguras)Higaonon , Talaandig___Suplication , Prayer , Thanksgiving___Thanksgiving for a son / good harvest / Healing
Gin-umBagobo___Suplication , Prayer , Thanksgiving___Cleansing / Renewal of vow
MusayawMansaka___Suplication , Prayer , Thanksgiving___Ceremonial dance for well being
Buni / BakiIfugao___Suplication , Prayer , Thanksgiving___Cleansing rite / offering
PalinawaKalinga___Suplication , Prayer , Thanksgiving___For well being
PalookItneg___Suplication , Prayer , Thanksgiving___Thanks for good harvest
Saraw___BatangasSuplication , Prayer , Thanksgiving___Worship to the sun
Sinulog___Bohol, Cebu, AntiqueSuplication , Prayer , Thanksgiving___Thanksgiving / Wellbeing
Siundo?Manubo___Suplication , Prayer , Thanksgiving___Appease spirit gods
TugatakTagbanua___Suplication , Prayer , Thanksgiving___Thanksgiving
Ugtube?Bagobo___Suplication , Prayer , Thanksgiving___Ritual dance offered to god father
Turumba sa birhen___LagunaSuplication , Prayer , Thanksgiving___Thanksgiving / prayer
PasasalamatTiruray___Suplication , Prayer , Thanksgiving___Thanksgiving / Good harvest directed towards Takus, the creator and owner of the land
Bolang-BolangSubanon___Suplication , Prayer , Thanksgiving___Dancers move around a pole to suplicate
BuklogSubanon___Suplication , Prayer , Thanksgiving___Ceremonial dancing on a platform
LapalSubanon___Suplication , Prayer , Thanksgiving___Ritual in which the medium converses with the diwata to allow forest clearing
InahawBukidnon___Suplication , Prayer , Thanksgiving___Dance of offering by several female dancers moving around a sacred fire
Atang-atangGaddangIsabelaSuplication , Prayer , Thanksgiving___Raft of offerings
AbangBalaginggi___Suplication , Prayer , Thanksgiving___Boat and chants
PagtamatYakanBasilanActivity___Quoran Reading Graduation
Datum TumangadBontokBontocPuberty___Coming of Age
PagislamYakanBasilanPuberty___Male circumsicion
PagsunatYakanBasilanPuberty___Female circumsicion